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ILTP Training Center (ILTP TC)

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Originally developed to work in conjunction with the Comprehensive Aquatic Risk Management Program™ (CARMP™) the success of the ILTP® program has drawn the attention of owners and operators of aquatic facilities around the globe.

Becoming an ILTP® Training Center entitles aquatic facility owner/operators to have ILTP® Lifeguard Instructors on staff. These courses provide the critical Lifeguard Instructor Training and mandatory Licensing necessary to then be able to conduct their own authorized ILTP® lifeguard courses and/or Safety & Health courses, on-site as required and without participation in the risk management services mentioned previously; affording owners/operators the ability to integrate ILTP® trained lifeguards into their facility’s existing operational practices.

ILTP® Training Center privileges include the Client Services Portal and our Learning Management Systems (LMS) record tracking database.  Each participating organization has its own private page from which they can implement key components of the program and access the resources necessary to fulfill their operating needs. The Client Services Portal allows program participants to post classes, assign training materials to students, assign and maintain staff credentials all within one central location and will provide notifications when credential expirations are nearing. The one-of-a-kind LMS also provides electronic delivery of both course materials (digital textbooks, skill competency workbooks, study guides, and class information documents) and student credentials.  Additionally, program resources including training tools and checklists, templates for facility documentation and program implementation, audit records and general communications are also available through the Client Services Portal.