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Instructor Training & Development

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Training of instructors: A key link in the safety chain is this key training. The first step is the pre-requisite lifeguard class and the instructor training follows directly afterwards.

Instructor development assistance: We know that in-service training is essential to keeping a lifeguard rescue ready, and we translate this to the instructor ranks as well. Instructors often go for long periods of time between teaching, and we aim to keep their skills sharp during the entire validity of their license. In some areas, we are able to conduct quarterly instructor in-services. In others we conduct them as part of audit visits. We help facilitate co-teaches between clients or in public classes. We always encourage attendance at our International Aquatic Safety School, regardless of license validity, to keep up with the latest and greatest and industry best practices. There is one in the US and one in the UAE each January.

Enhanced training recommendations: We offer many programs that facilities can use to help manage aquatic risk effectively and efficiently. Many of these can be conducted by ILTP instructors, but SST can help you to identify who may need which.

  • Water Safety Plus is a supplemental responder program that ensures lifeguards have the help they need from non-aquatic staff in proximity to an incident.
  • First aid/CPR/AED training for other non-aquatic staff in the facility.
  • Waterslide Dispatch Operator training ensures this vital link in the safety chain is well prepared for their daily routine. Candidates learn how the Dispatch Operator role relates to the overall risk management plan at an aquatic facility and the skills that apply to the dispatch cycle such as guest screening, rider loading, safety communication, recognition and monitoring the dispatch area, plus many more general concepts that are applied when loading riders on and off a waterslide.
  • Handling Medical Emergencies is a program that helps prepare facility leadership to manage emergencies by utilizing all of their resources to the best of their abilities, ensuring a positive outcome for everyone.
  • VanGuard Aquatic Leadership Training. Lifeguard Supervisors learn important topics related to leading lifeguard teams such as; how to manage lifeguard scanning and vigilance, techniques for developing and evaluating Zone of Protection® areas, practice development of Emergency Action Plans unique to their facility, and being preventative in an aquatic facility environment. The course offers users resources and templates for customization at their facilities and comes with creative team-building exercises and activities designed to reinforce learning topics within the program.

Development of fitness regimes: While lifeguards do not need to be Olympic swimmers or professional body builders to be effective, a fit staff instills confidence and presents well. Our in-house fitness coach can develop a program designed to fit your facility and the resources you make available. From a tiered, full gym program to one that utilizes body weight resistance as the main thrust, we can equip your facility and team to keep everyone in shape.