Richard Carroll – SST

Richard Carroll

Richard Carroll, infamously known as RAC to those in the industry. Richard – Director at SST, is also the SVP/COO for Ellis and Associates, providing aquatic safety and risk management services for over 600 worldwide clients in the aquatic industry including Lifeguard training, Aquatic Safety Operational Auditing, Aquatic Facility Safety Inspections, Accident Investigation.

Richard has over 31 years experience training Ellis & Associates programs around the world and operating facilities with trained staff. Richard is also an Instructor Trainer and developed the Leadership Training, Operational Audit and Lifeguard Vigilance Awareness Training Programmes at Ellis & Associates. Richard has had the privilege of speaking at IAAPA Safety Institutes around the world educating the aquatic industry. Richard is currently serves on the IAAPA Board of Directors, multiple IAAPA and World Waterpark Association committee and an active Member of ASTM F-24.

As a Director and Shareholder in SST, Richard is responsible for the development of the training programmes and client services, ensuring the integrity of the training delivered by SST in the Middle East.