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National Aquatic Safety Services (NAQUATICSS)

SST is very pleased to be working with official ILTP Training Centers around the world, which are fully equipped and authorized to provide the Ellis & Associates International Lifeguard Training Program and the Safety & Health training programs from Ellis Education. We work very closely with all of our international Training Centers to ensure that they continue to offer you the highest standard of training and risk management services.

18 Uniacke Drive, Banora Point. NSW Australia 2486


Matt Nelson

Director of Operations

National Aquatic Safety Services (NAQUATICSS)

NAQUATICSS is mobile and come to you to service all states and territories in Australia and countries in Australasia.

With over 25 years experience in the Theme Park and Aquatic & Leisure industries NAQUATICSS has operated domestic and international theme parks and also provides training, knowledge and education in open water and pool environments.


  • Lifeguard scanning techniques and strategies;
  • Lifeguard observations;
  • Evaluation Drills: Live active | Submersible manikin or tool response and retrieval;
  • Corrective Action Plan;
  • Establish a Performance Criteria (PC) and communicate to the team;
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and communicate to the team;
  • Coach nominated team members how to evaluate lifeguard performance and provide constructive feedback;
  • Create and deliver annual, quarterly and monthly In-Service Training (IST) content;
  • Create and deliver Pre-Service Training (PST) content; and
  • Create and development supervisors/managers to deliver IST and/or PST content

For further information on this training center, their services and training schedules please contact them directly.

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